The Abduction

He left the bar quite intoxicated and lost his balance frequently as he headed to his car. He was about to unlock the door when a sound caught his attention.  He turned to look and no one was there. He again reached for the lock to open his car door and was tapped on the shoulder. Before he could turn around a black cloth was placed over his head.  Despite his efforts to fight he was thrown to the ground and tied with ropes.

As he struggled with the ropes he experienced a sudden feeling of dread and terror.  What was happening, he thought and why was he being held against his will. He racked his brain for reasons as to the purpose of this sudden assault and could not recall anything in his life that would lead to this. Perhaps, he thought, it was a mistaken identity or ransom for someone else he knew. But as he thought about this he could not figure out who in his circle of friends would be wealthy enough to be able to afford paying a ransom. Was he a random target? Was this an initiation for some group? Whatever the reason, he decided to stay quiet to avoid any further possibility of harm.

Suddenly he was pulled to his feet and forced to walk. He had lost his sense of direction and the effects of alcohol were still affecting his ability to think clearly. The sounds of a car or was it a van came to a stop near him and he was thrown in. So it was a van, he thought. What are you doing he asked? I am nobody and have no money.  Shut up was the response or I will silence you. When we get to our destination your questions will be answered. That is odd he thought. Why not answer them now. What is the purpose of waiting? It’s not like I can see he thought or see their faces.

He felt the vehicle riding along and tried to gauge where he could be headed.  Again without seeing he had no sense of direction. I will have to rely on my hearing he thought. So he listened for anything that would tell him what he could be passing.  The noise of the van though was covering up any sound outside the vehicle.

After quite amount of time and being jostled back and forth from the ride the van came to a stop. He heard the door open and again he was dragged out of the van and was assisted to stand on his feet. They forcibly walked with him supporting his body so he wouldn’t fall. He could hear the sound of an elevator door ding. He was walked into the elevator. The doors closed and the only hope is that he would get his answers soon.

He could feel the elevator move and it felt like it was going up. There was quiet in the elevator with only the sound of the elevator as it went past each floor. He counted 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. They walked him out again supporting his body so he wouldn’t fall.

“Bring him to the chair”, a male voice said. The voice sounded like a well-educated person, no sloppy speech or gruff sound. He was placed in a chair. “Untie the ropes”, the voice instructed. Slowly he felt the ropes loosening until his hands were freed. “Now leave”, the voice ordered. He heard the sound of footsteps walking away. How many he was not certain. Who was this person and why was he brought here?, he thought. He heard footsteps coming closer and slowly the cloth bag over his head was removed.

It took a moment for his eyes to adjust, but as he focused, he saw before him a well-dressed man, clean cut, wearing a suit and tie. The man smiled at him and he could not fathom what would happen next.

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“Mr. Blane, I am sure you have many questions as to the reason you have been brought here in such a way as to suggest a kidnapping. I can assure you that you have not been kidnapped and will be free to go anytime. However, after you hear me out you may change your mind.  My name is Michael Duggan, my friends call me Mike. I have brought you here, because I have a special assignment for you and I think you are just the man for the job. I have a business that is flourishing and I need someone who can go undercover to find out who may be transferring funds into an off shore account.”

“Sir, I know nothing about finances and have worked in construction all my life. I am a blue collar worker managing my own business. What possible good can I be to you?”

“You pose a very good question. You see both you and I are in similar businesses.  Mine is architecture and yours works on the plans that I have drawn up. You are familiar with Global Enterprises, Inc. are you not?” I nodded my head. Here stood before me the owner and CEO of the company that had provided so much of my business. I could not fathom how I could help him, but decided to hear him out.

“If you help me, you will be paid well and with all the benefits one of my employees receive. You know enough about architecture that I am going to place you as the person who implements the plans that have been drawn up. You will not be a blue collar worker on this job and will be given all the perks that someone in my company gets. In the meantime, you can still keep tabs on your own business and I can assist you anytime you need it.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Would I be able to do this? What if the person found out and he decided to get revenge? Then what would I do?  I pummeled him with questions. “Why did you bring me here in such an unorthodox manner? You could have just asked and I would have obliged. Why me? Isn’t there someone in your company you can trust? Would I still be able to live with my family? Can I tell them what is going on? Can you guarantee my safety from any retribution this person could inflict on me? Do you know who it is? If I choose not to do it, then what happens?”

Mike smiled as if understanding my concerns. I brought you here in such a manner, because I did not think you would be open to hearing me out.


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