The Goodbye

A gasp of breath escaped her mouth. There he stood outside her house, arms crossed, leaning up against his car, and looking very relaxed.  He was gazing at her. Underneath the glow of the street lamp, she could see some of his physique. The square set of his jaw, the strong shoulders and his arms that encircled her months ago with love. It brought back a flood of emotions she had been trying to forget. Though she could not see his dark hazel eyes she imagined what they would say to her if she was closer.

She ducked in the doorway thinking she could escape his gaze. Hoping he would leave she waited in the shadows of the overhang. A light unexpectedly turned on surrounding her with a luminous glow accentuating her beauty.

The light shining on her revealed that she was more beautiful today than the last time he saw her. He gazed at her taking in every feature recalling her smile and the look of love in her eyes meant just for him. He imagined the uncertainty in her bright blue eyes and the struggle to contain her emotions.

He imagined she did not anticipate his presence when she saw him. She looked like a rabbit about to run and yet remained as if cemented in place. He looked at her, hoping she would summon him over. Taking a risk, he stepped towards her needing to know if her feelings were mutual. After a few steps toward her she turned away opening and shutting the door behind her.  

He sighed, feeling rejected, yet not blaming her. His thoughts now on what he should do, knock on the door or drive away. It seemed her actions told him everything he needed to know. He turned and headed toward his car. The hurt he caused her appeared to still plague her and were now stirred up due to his appearance in front of her house. Pulling out his keys to his car, he took one last look at her house. He loved her and she left without knowing that.

Leaning against the door, she held her breath wondering if he would knock on the door and hoping he wouldn’t and at the same time hoping he would. Moments later, she heard a car door open and shut, the engine turn on and the sound of a car driving away. She looked out the window. He left without pursuing her. Tears welled up in her eyes and in that moment she realized how deeply she loved him.  

©Kimberly Balles 2021 All Rights Reserved.


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