Broken Dreams

It’s not supposed to be this way, Marcia thought. The end so final, yet unfinished. She sighed, uncertain where she should go or who to turn to. People offered to help, but she just could not even think of anything that they could help her with. She knew they could help her with the practical everyday tasks, but what she really needed was healing for her soul and that was something no one could provide. Her heart broken and fragile like glass left her feeling vulnerable. The longing was unbearable and indescribable.

The last few months had been the worst. Everyday she had tended to his needs. He was so emaciated at the end, it saddened her. She felt so helpless. The disease had progressed much faster than she thought it would. She wished there had been more time to do those things that they had waited to do when they retired, but it wasn’t possible now. He was gone and she was alone.

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