The Goodbye

A gasp of breath escaped her mouth. There he stood outside her house, arms crossed, leaning up against his car, and looking very relaxed.  He was gazed at her. Underneath the glow of the street lamp, she could see some of his physique. The square set of his jaw, the strong shoulders and his arms […]

Broken Dreams

It’s not supposed to be this way, Marcia thought. The end so final, yet unfinished. She sighed, uncertain where she should go or who to turn to. People offered to help, but she just could not even think of anything that they could help her with. She knew they could help her with the practical […]

Love Letter

She held the letter tightly to her chest, an unexpected find. Tears filled her eyes as the pain resurfaced. This morning. she had decided to go in the attic and sort through things she no longer needed. It had been a chore she was dreading, because memories would bring reminders of their years together. Grief […]

Wedding Day

Sarah awoke with a start. She had been anticipating this day for months and now it was here. The morning sun’s rays were filtering through the curtains of her bedroom window. She looked up and saw her wedding dress hanging on a hook from the top of the bedroom door. It was so beautiful with […]

The Time Key

Her key did not fit in the lock on her apartment door. Try as she might, it would not go in. She looked at the door to make sure it was her apartment. In bold gold numbers were the numbers 1761. It was definitely her door. She couldn’t understand why this key was not fitting. […]

Intruder Alert

Rebecca awoke with a start when she heard a commotion downstairs. Her heart started pounding in her chest. Whoever it was seemed to not be concerned about being quiet. She grabbed her phone, ran to her closet, opened the door quietly, stepped inside, and quietly closed the door behind her. With hands trembling she dialed […]

A Mother’s Heart

Isabella awoke from a deep slumber to the sounds of a baby crying. Immediately she knew it was the baby that belonged to the young mother, Amber, sleeping in the next room. Her alarm clock showed it was 2:50 AM. It was a late night for all of them, so she arose to take care of the baby. Amber […]