Wedding Day

red rose flowers bouquet on white surface beside spring book with click pen and cup of cofffee
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Sarah awoke with a start. She had been anticipating this day for months and now it was here. The morning sun’s rays were filtering through the curtains of her bedroom window. She looked up and saw her wedding dress hanging on a hook from the top of the bedroom door. It was so beautiful with small flowered delicate lacing circling the skirt of the dress and the bodice soft and lace free. The veil was going to hang to the middle of the back with matching lacing along the edges.

She crawled out from under the covers. It was May and the temperature was going to be about 75 with no rain in the forecast. As she sat up she noticed a post-it pad sitting on her nightstand with the top post-it note itemizing the list of things to do today.

The first order for the day was to shower and put on clothes to wear while she had her hair and make up done. Then she would head back home and meet her mother and her best friend, put on her wedding dress and finally the veil. She did not want to miss anything that needed to be completed in order for their wedding to be a memorable one.


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