Love Letter

She held the letter tightly to her chest, an unexpected find. Tears filled her eyes as the pain resurfaced. This morning. she had decided to go in the attic and sort through things she no longer needed. It had been a chore she was dreading, because memories would bring reminders of their years together. Grief would come she knew that for certain, but a letter from him that she had never opened or seen was breaking her resolve.

She drew it close to her chest while tears streamed down her face. She was sitting on the floor with her legs crisscrossed. She pulled the letter away from her chest and stared at the front of the envelope not wanting to open it, but just savor the expectancy of what this letter would say. Julia was on the front in his familiar writing. She recollected the times he said her name in everyday life and moments of passion. They had shared so many moments and it so quickly ended.

Deciding to open it, she flipped open the envelope and tore open the flap. She scanned it briefly and then read from the top.


If you have found this letter, I know it’s because you finally got the gumption to go through the attic and get rid of things that belonged to me. I don’t know how much time has passed, but one thing I do know is that this pain you may be feeling is still there. It will take time and give yourself that time to grieve.

I want to tell you one last time how much I love you and that I am trusting that God will take good care of you. Don’t lose faith in the God we have served. He was not surprised at this and He is big enough to carry you through. The lessons you learn from this will help you make an impact on the world in more ways than you or I could imagine.

As you decide what to discard and what to keep take your time .Get help from friends as it will be too daunting to tackle on your own.  Keep what means a lot to you for I know those will bring you the memories you need to help you through your grief.

I have cherished every moment we have spent together and loved you more than you can imagine. Knowing this remember than God’s love is indescribable. He will be always be by  your side.

Always my love,


She stared at it for a long time tears streaming down her face. He filled her every day life with joy and loved her unconditionally. One thing she knew for certain this letter would help her through her pain. It was definitely one she would keep and cherish the rest of her life.

She put it back in the envelope. She rose and headed towards the ladder leading to the kitchen in their house. There was so much to do, but she had time. Once she descended the stairs, she decided to put this letter on her dresser where she could see it when she was getting ready for work. As she placed it, tears welled up again. Enough crying today. She headed to the backdoor to enjoy the sunshine. She decided to do some gardening as it was very therapeutic in helping her sort through her problems.



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